5 Business ideas for Women

5 Business ideas for Women

In todays, article we will find some business ideas for women which have huge earnig and there is no need of any Degree and high level of study. 

5 Business ideas for Women

So without wasting time, lets know what are the business ideas for women to earn and these are : –


property preservation contractor

 first one on this list is becoming a property preservation contractor. So my friend danielle pierce is a property preservation contractor and she makes over four hundred thousand dollars a year.

Now this is one of the top business ideas for women because danielle home schools three of her children out sources a hundred percent of the work and only does the admin work at home part time.

So if you want to understand a little bit how this works let me try and explain it to you : – 

If you go around any type of neighborhood you may notice abandoned houses now these abandoned houses are either in the foreclosure process or they are already foreclosed which means that these homes are owned by the bank but banks don’t like to get into real estate.

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They don’t manage it so what they do is they outsource these services to property preservation contractors so they need someone to preserve the property until they can actually sell it.

So they get some of their money back, so this is what she does she alters 100 of her work which is basically keeping up the landscape, removing debris and things just like that.

This does not include any major remodeling or renovations. You’re just basically preserving the property until it can sell and like I said danielle. She outsources a hundred percent of the work, so it’s not like you need to do any of the manual work.

5 Business ideas for Women

So I asked her how much can someone expect to earn doing this which is getting started and she said that new contractors can expect to earn on average now three to five thousand dollars per month in the first three to six months.


She says from there you can scale the business or continue just to cover a small territory and if you do that it is very feasible to earn a hundred thousand dollars or more in revenue within 18 months.

how to get started next on this list is becoming a virtual assistant now I love these business idea for women because this one also does not require a degree and the earning potential is great.

Virtual Assistant

Now if you wanted to become a virtual assistant basically what they do is that they help business owners out in just a number of different areas something like email management, social media, writing, research, website management and honestly the list can go so on and on there are so many things you can do as a virtual assistant.

5 Business ideas for Women

Now if you don’t have any experience in these areas. I do highly recommend taking a virtual assistant course to help you decide what area you want to focus on more because that is how you can make the most money by niching down to one specific area and becoming an expert in that area.


now I love this business idea for women because I interview a mom that has nine kids and home schools six of them and still earns over two thousand dollars per month working part-time as a bookkeeper .

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Now the reason she can do this is because with bookkeeping it only takes you about four hours max to work on your clients work for the entire month.

So on average bookkeepers charge three hundred dollars per month, so the more clients you have the more money and you can earn so you can only imagine that this is how a mom of nine can do a job like this.

because the hours that you work for your clients are very minimal and you can make a nice amount of money for each one of your clients.


Now this takes a very specific type of person so if you’re the type of person that is always catching grammar mistakes or when you’re while reading or catching spelling errors.

This might be perfect for you now I interviewed caitlyn pyle on my website and she made 43000 while studying abroad and proofreading part time .

5 Business ideas for Women
5 Business ideas for Women

Now since I said that this is for a very specific type of person, she created a free workshop just to see if this is the right type of job for you so I highly recommend taking that free workshop first to see what’s all involved.

Proofreading is a great way to make money on the side and it could be very lucrative because people like me as a blogger needs proofreaders to prove stuff before publish it.

so there are so many people like me out there that are looking for people who can help them so I highly recommend this as a great way that you can make money on the side and build your own business to make this a full-time income .

Blogging and Youtubing

last but not least I honestly think blogging or doing youtube is one of the best business ideas for women because it’s what I do and as women, we just have so much going on and with blogging and youtube these things can run on autopilot.

 let me make sure I make this clear now I started my youtube at the very beginning of the pandemic which was last year in march march 2020 now I did a video every single week when I committed and say i’m gonna start a youtube channel.

I posted a video every single week so keep in mind I did the work up front it took a lot of work.

I had to get all the equipment it took time but once you put the work in you can see now that I can take some time off and still make money but the way i’ve been able to do it is by getting in search.

I’ve been very strategic and how I make my videos and post my videos and that is the reason i’ve been able to get this on autopilot youtube is the second most used search engine next to google so when people are searching for things on youtube like stay-at-home mom jobs.

You’ll see that I show up high in the search results right now, anyway things change all the time but the same thing with the amazon associates program.

I’m constantly making money because people are constantly watching my videos, reading my content and every time they watch one of my videos and passes an ad.

I make money so this is how it all works and I make even more through affiliate marketing so on if I had to total it up,

I’m talking about guys this is on autopilot and it’s all about being strategic about how you do things every time.

I do a video i’m always making sure that i’m going to be able to try and get stuck in the search results so when people are looking for different topics they’re going to find my videos.

Bonus Tip

Opportunity in Youtube

There is a great oppoutunity in the youtube shorts because in present time there are less competition and youtube is promoting shorts. If you starts a channel In youtube you will get the subscribers and views fastly.

I hope you like these 5 business ideas for women and if you have more like them you can comment us.

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