5 Mistakes Keep Business Small Be Aware Of That

5 Common Mistakes Keep Business Small Be Aware Of That

80% of all businesses fail and the 20% that succeed most of them get stuck and are unable to break through to the next level because of a few simple mistakes.

They’re making mistakes keep Business small when you’ll get it you’ll never have to make them again and your business will grow so let’s dive straight into mistake number one which is not having a clear and compelling value proposition.

1. Not Having A Clear And Compelling Value Proposition

The two most basic things you need to succeed in your business and marketing are

1. people need to know that you exist in order to buy from you this is why you need marketing,so we’ll talk about that in a minute and

2. people need to know what you do and how it can help them and this is where most businesses go so wrong and then wonder why nothing is working.

Here’s the deal a value proposition even though it sounds like fancy pants talk is really just business jargon for a statement that tells your customers the biggest reason why your product or service is the best choice for them.

It’s basically a mini marketing message that makes things real clear real fast. You see confused customers don’t buy and most businesses marketing messages are trying to be way too clever and creative rather than focusing on being crystal clear but all this does is wind up, confusing people and losing sales.

They make the complete opposite mistake and instead of trying to be creative they go for the most boring and bland message you’ve ever heard all in an attempt to appeal to everyone the secret.

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Then is to walk the line right down the middle and say the following three things as clearly and cleanly as possible : –

1. what you do

2. who you do it for and

3. why they should care

Customers are always looking at a business through the lens of wiifm or what’s in it for me and don’t expect them to figure this out on their own. You need to tell them.

5 Mistakes Keep Business Small Be Aware Of That

2. Going After Everyone

The Surest sign in the world that somebody doesn’t have a good handle on their marketing is when they claim that their business sells to everyone or that their ideal customers are people with money well as the saying goes.

If you try to appeal to everyone you end up appealing to no one

This is because broad messages and broad targeting by its very nature is more boring and more ignorable and this makes sense because when you try to go after everyone.

You have to naturally water down your message and smooth out the rough edges and by doing so you sacrifice the opportunity to better connect with your best customers on a deeper level.

All in an attempt to appease the masses and that’s a shame because the world really doesn’t need another vanilla ice cream marketing campaign.

What it needs is chocolate fudge brownie some mint chocolate chip or my personal favorite bubbies hawaiian mochi and for some strange reason,

You still feel compelled to do vanilla marketing well at least throw some to spice it up a little bit your customers and your balance sheet will thank you.

Going deep rather than broad and focusing in allows you to connect with your customers and their unique wants and dreams and goals and desires

It’s more profitable and it’s more fun too and on the topic of trying to serve everyone.

3. Doing All The Things

The next mistake is doing all the things which is ultimately a recipe for overwhelm frustration and disaster.

So I’ll help you with my blogs about where you could be going wrong and more importantly give you some actionable and practical tips to help you and get moving in the right direction.

Trying to do everything yourself here’s the deal you’re awesome I know that because even though we may not know each other personally yet the fact that you’ve decided to start a business means that you’re a special kind of person with special skills and talents and abilities and ambitions.

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But if left unchecked these positive attributes can actually spell disaster later on down the road, if they’re relied on too heavily at least that was my story and I’m willing to bet it may just sound familiar when I first started my business.

I had next to no idea what I was doing and so I hustled it I worked my face off and eventually became really good at what I was doing so good that my business was growing my services were in demand and things were looking up.

5 Common Mistakes Keep Business Small Be Aware Of That

But not too long after that I found that I was completely out of time and unable to do anything else or take on any new work I was truly busy not pretend busy as I used to be like 

Where I still had time to scroll through social media or binge watch netflix in the middle of the day but like actual busy where I barely had any time to sleep and had started to neglect my health and my friends and my family.

Basically things needed to change so I did what I was told to do and hired some help.

Unfortunately I also had a hard time letting go and so in the beginning,

I ended up just micromanaging everyone or doing it myself unsurprisingly this left me with even less time and less money because I had to pay people too.

Fortunately after enough other smart people stepped in and told me that what I was doing just wasn’t working and was kind of dumb and very inefficient.

well I fix things and this is the process that I use to help free up a ton of my time increase my output by 10 times at least and still grow my business and make it home in time for dinner.

The goal here is to get rid of everything you shouldn’t be doing which typically falls into one of three different categories : –

1. First all the things you hate doing

For me this is anything bookkeeping or accounting or anything like that I got a c plus in accounting in college and the only reason is because I’m pretty sure the teacher liked me or thought I was funny or had pity on me or just wanted to make sure I wasn’t in their class again next year.

2. Next get rid of all the things you’re not good at

For me this is graphic design or web development or any kind of hard coding I mean I can do it kinda but I’m not very good at it especially when compared to other people.

Who absolutely love this stuff and are amazing at it and third get rid of anything else that falls outside of your unique zone of genius.

The money is these are the set of activities that are uniquely suited to you and they involve the the best of your skills and of your talents and of all of your experiences and this is where you want to spend the bulk of your time.

5 Common Mistakes Keep Business Small Be Aware Of That

okay so that’s inside the business next we’ve got to take a look at probably one of the biggest myths in all of marketing which is this myth that

4.You Need to be Everywhere and You need to do everything

This is why mistake number four is trying to be everywhere the biggest problem with marketing.

Today is that it’s overwhelming so many new platforms and channels and tactics to try and everybody screaming at you that their way is the best way if not the only way.

But the reality is that you don’t need to be everywhere and you don’t need to do everything you just need to be present and active on the few places that your ideal customers are.

You can pretty much safely ignore everything else so where are your customers and what kinds of social media platforms do they use on a regular basis if you already know the answer to this question that’s awesome but don’t skip ahead just yet because there’s still a few things here that might help make it even better.

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First at least right now there are six major players in the social media space that you want to consider facebook, instagram, youtube, tech talk ,twitter and linkedin.

No matter what business or market or industry you’re in odds are pretty good that you’re gonna find the bulk of your market on one or maybe two of these platforms sure.

They might look at others like say pinterest or reddit or some other blog or forum but the bulk of people are going to be present and active on one of these six platforms.

If you serve a younger demographic well then tick tok and instagram are probably going to be your best bet if you serve an older demographic then you can probably find them on facebook or linkedin and no matter who you serve pretty much.

Everybody uses youtube and it continues to grow year after year so find where your people are go there and ignore everything else which leads me perfectly to mistake number five

5. Focusing on The Wrong Things

if the biggest problem with marketing today is that it’s overwhelming then the natural by product of this is a feeling of uncertainty and confusion and not knowing what to do or where to do it or how to do it and that ultimately leads to a couple things that are very bad for your business.

First is what I call random acts of marketing and this is marketing just for the sake of marketing with no clear rhyme or reason behind what you’re doing or where you’re doing it or why you’re doing it or what you’re hoping to get out of it and when this happens.

It leads pretty naturally to the next thing which is marketing for vanity metrics vanity metrics are doing things to try to get more likes or more comments or more shares and while they may look good and make you feel good they do nothing to grow your business.


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