how to grow business

how to grow business in 2021

There are many small businesses and owners of these business are actually working as a servent.Even servents get rest of saturday and sunday but owners are always in tension to survive or grow their businesses.

so,here we talk about the problems and solutions of their common problem of the small businesses.


Take care of your people and they will take care of your business!

  • We can pay more because we do more.
  • We do more because our people get paid more.
  • We can pay more because we offer the best service in town.
  • We offer the best service in town, because we have the best people.
  • We have the best people, because we can afford them… you get the idea!

Remember this:

BOOST your people, and your people will rise to BOOST your business!

how to grow your business

There are five strategies to grow the business and also a free ebook link in the last :-

1.Don’t sale the product; always sale it’s benefits

If you want to conveience the customer then show all the benefits of the product.Give complete detail about your product.

With all of this you should know about the need of the customer by satisfying the need of customer you will also establish good relation with customer which results increase sales fast.

Also, firstly you should sure about your product after then you can give best detail to customer about your product.


2. Tax planning:-

Businesses and individualities have different borderline duty rates at different income classes. A  professional can help you coordinate your business and particular income levies for maximum can hire a C.A. which helps you for the tax planning.

Tax planning is very important to grow  your business.There are many ammendments through which you can save your tax.

In the tax book, there are 5 pages in which mentioned about the tax paid and in which there are 95 page for tax relief.

3.Internet and social media:-

today if you are not using internet and social media then you are misssing a great oppourtunity to grow your business. today internet and social media is growing faster than ever.

use social media platforms,grow your channel or profile more follower/subscriber will generate higher profits if you don’t konw about it here you can see here :-

digital marketing in hindi

how to grow your business


Small businesses can’t afford big losses which suddenly happened because these businesses doesnot save sufficient reserve to cover the loss.

sudden losses mainly caused by disaster,natural calamities like flood,drought,fire etc.

5.Customer satisfaction

In business, you should learn the rule:-

“customer satisfaction should be the first priority of business not profit maximization.”

if customer would be satisfied then he returns due to the trust of your service and product if your product is not have the utility to satisfy the customer then you can’t expect the long term growth of your business.

you should keep improving your product and service because your product decide the future growth of your business.

how to grow business in 2021

The link(the telegram link) for free ebook

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In this article,

we learn some strategies to grow business and in the next article we will discuss about the some common problems of business and also their solutions.

today we learn five strategies or thing that should keep in mind while running a business :-

  • Don’t sale the product; always sale it’s benefits

  • Tax planning

  • Good reserve

  • Internet and social media

  • Customer satisfaction

These techniques helps you to grow your business and multiplying sales.

please comment us if this article helpful for you.Your small comment gives us energ to create more articles like this.

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