How to Start Blogging and Where To Start Blogging

How to Start Blogging and Where To Start Blogging

Guys, many of you have already listened about blogging and also listened about how people earns lakhs by doing blogging here I am talking about Blogging not Vlogging..

But the question in our mind was that, ” What is blogging?”,how to start blogging and where to start blogging and how we can earn from blogging, so in today’s we are going to know the answers of these questions.

In this blog, we are gonna cover 4 points which are : –

1. what is blogging?

2. How we can start blogging?

3. How we can earn from blogging?

4. Things to be kept in mind. so let’s talk about what is blogging?

What is Blog

Before knowing about blogging, we will have to know about blogs that what are blogs.

So according to wikipedia, “a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the internet. basically, blogs gives us the knowledge about anything”and what are you reading here is called blog.

suppose you search, “How to earn online ?” on the internet, many results open in front of you. You open any website from those results and read the article basically.

What is Blogging

This article is a blog and the profession of blog writing is called blogging and the people who write blogs are called bloggers.

So let’s talk about point no. 2

How to start blogging?

If you are an expert in any field and if you think, you can spread knowledge about that then you can start blogging but before starting blogging you will have to start a blogging website.

How to Start Blogging and Where To Start Blogging

So that you can post your blogs on that website after listening that, if you think you don’t have any technical knowledge you don’t know about coding then I am gonna tell you about two methods, using them you can start your blogging website without any technical knowledge and coding.

You will have to do some investment in method because you will have to purchase a domain name and a hosting.

Domain name means the name of your website for example “” or “” and will also have to buy a domain name for your website.

Here is you can purchase domain at low price – Hostinger

what is hosting?

Hosting means a space for your website on the internet we can understand this by a small example : –

Suppose you want to open a shop in the market so first you will have to buy a piece of land in the market, so that you can open the shop second you will have to give a name to your shop so here,

the land is like hosting and the name of the shop is like domain name so if you have bought a domain name and hosting for the website, you will have to go to wordpress or blogger, where you can create your website by just some clicks wordpress allows its user to create their websites without any technical knowledge.

In just some simple clicks you can get many wordpress tutorials on the youtube.. So, let’s jump on method no. 2, which is a free method to create the website.

How to Start Blogging and Where To Start Blogging

you can use “” to create a website for free, so is a google product which allows its users to create blog websites for free but there will be a restriction in that, when you will create your domain name in blogger the “suffix” will automatically added to your domain.

which means if I would have purchased my domain name it would had like but if I create my website on blogger, my domain would be like “”.

How to earn from Blogging

Now the third topic of the article is How to earn through blogging means how you can earn from a blogging website I am gonna tell you total 5 methods, by which you monetize this website and earn money.

1. The first and most popular way to earn from a blog website is Google Adsense means if your website get a great traffic on daily basis. then you can get approved by google adsense and after that google will place its ads and after that your revenue.

2.  Second way to earn from a blog website is to publish a sponsored content many brands wants the bloggers to write about their products on the blogs, for promotion purpose and the blogger charge a great amount.

3rd way to earn from a blog website is Affiliate marketing many e-commerce websites run their affiliate programs you can also join them and place their products links on your blogs and if any reader purchases its products through your link, then the e-commerce website will give you a commission, so you can earn by this method also.

4. The fourth way to make money from a blog website is promote your own products and services means you sell your own products and any freelance service then you can promote those on you website and increase their sell next way to earn from a blog website is promotion you can earn by promoting various companies products company can ask to pin it’s product’s image or link to your site.

Important thing to keep in Mind While Blogging

So now after knowing about blogging you are planning to start it or if you already started, then please keep these things in your mind

You will have to work in a specific niche or category means if you want to write travel blogs you will always have to write content related to it by doing this you blog’s brand value will increase and it will help you to get sponsorship in future next thing you will have to keep in mind that the content for next 30 days should be prepared already.

so that you don’t suffer from content deficiency and if you start working, you will get many ideas about what to write and how to write and most important to be kept in mind that be patience means if you start blogging today, it doesn’t means that you will get your earning form today.

It takes almost 1 to 1.5 years to get earning from blogging. And you will have to be patience for this duration and will have to work continuously so that’s it for today, hope you have received so knowledge about blogging.

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