SEO tips for blog

SEO tips for blog in 2022

Little Known SEO Tips for blog and Business Websites

Your website will hardly generate much traffic without some state-of-the-art SEO tactics. You probably already know about using keywords and creating online content. However, there are a number of SEO tactics online businesses can employ beyond keyword tricks. Here is a list of some of these little-known SEO tricks that will greatly benefit your business website as well:

Link Your Content on Wikipedia

You know the importance of creating good links to and from your site. Obviously, widely popular Wikipedia is a good source to have on your backlinks list. Therefore, you can try to link your online content to relevant Wikipedia articles.

For example, if you have published an article about planting sunflowers for your gardening supplies e-commerce site, you can possibly provide a link to the Wikipedia page about sunflowers. Go through the article and see if you can make a contribution or support a fact with a link to your article. You can also find Wikipedia articles related to your website and write content based on those articles to provide a link. If this is too much trouble for your company, you can outsource projects like this to a local digital agency Dubai.

seo tips for blog

Republish Popular Old Posts in New Formats

If you have had a blog post or an online article that was quite popular in the past, you can republish them once the trend has cooled down. Do not republish the same article; that would be redundant. Do not rewrite and republish, either.

Instead, try to envision the article in new formats, such as an infographic or a YouTube video. You can post these and possibly replicate the same success as before. Additionally, if new developments come up with regards to an older article you have published, and then write a new one referencing the old one to pique your readers’ interest.

Become Visible with Local Listings

Localizing your SEO efforts is important for building credibility and attracting customers locally. Also, did you know that search engines like Google comb through third-party local sites to find businesses? If your site is listed locally on Yelp or Yellowbook, then the site will gain better search rankings overall. Therefore, do not overlook the potential local sites have to boost the popularity of your business website. Instead of shunning them, embrace them.

SEO tips for blog

Media Coverage

If your business is covered at least once by a reputed national or local news outlet, then your search rankings will be perpetually boosted. Therefore, instead of buying posts on obscure blogs, redirect your efforts to getting genuine news coverage.

Journalists will be eager to cover your business if you offer them newsworthy topics, such as a new product with amazing features, efforts to improve diversity at the company or a unique success story.

Make Images Searchable

Not many webmasters do this but, if you give images a heading, a little description and tags when uploading to the site, they will become searchable as well, which is good to improve your overall search rankings.

Next time your marketing team meets, try to get them to implement some of the suggestions given above for better sales and brand awareness. Do not limit yourself to one or two tricks. SEO is a constantly changing and evolving field of marketing. Keep up to date with these changes, and be ready to implement them when the time comes.

SEO tips for blog


here we discuss about some tips and tricks to improve traffic of your website

  • Link Your Content on Wikipedia
  • Republish Popular Old Posts in New Formats
  • Become Visible with Local Listings
  • Media Coverage
  • Make Images Searchable

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