SEO Tips to Use Relevant Keywords for Your Website

SEO Tips to Use Relevant Keywords for Your Website in 2022

Optimizing your website with relevant and targeted keywords is one tried-and-tested SEO strategy that improves your visibility on search engine results and increases your website visits which later on translates to higher conversion rates and eventually greater sales and revenue for your business. If you are just getting started with SEO and not sure where to place those keywords, don’t worry. This article shows you exactly where to add those relevant keywords on your website.


Before You Start,Once you’ve identified the relevant keywords you’re going to target on your website, you need to perform a site audit first and identify which pages should target which keyword phrases before. If you need some help with effective keyword research and other SEO basics, there are some online SEO training that can help you get started.


Start by exporting all your website pages into an Excel spreadsheet. Sort your data by the most frequently visited pages. Identify which keyword category each page falls into, then add that category into a column beside the page name. Add another column for more specific keywords that you want to include on that page. Make sure that these are relevant to the web copy on that page and that these are terms which your target audience would be using during their search.


Once you’re done, you can now start adding your selected keywords and keyword phrases on your website. Here are the 5 places on your website where you should be adding relevant keywords and phrases:

SEO Tips to Use Relevant Keywords for Your Website

So, here is SEO Tips to Use Relevant Keywords for Your Website :-

Title Tags

Title tags are shown in search results as well as the browser tab, and these have a direct impact on your search engine rankings as well as searcher click-through rates or CTRs.

When writing a title tag for a webpage, include one of your target keywords or phrases so it is apparent to your target audience that your results are relevant to their query. It is also best to limit the title to 65 characters or less, so that it appears completely on the search engine results page and not ‘cut’ and ending in an ellipsis.

Besides looking more professional, observing the character limit allows you to conciousely communicate what your webpage is all about.


Meta Descriptions

Like title tags, meta descriptions are also shown in search engine results and can also help increase your CTR.  Although meta descriptions don’t have a direct impact on search engine rankings, they are helpful for searchers as they provide a brief introduction about your webpage and give them a reason to click on your webpage link.

Add one of your target keywords or phrases in your meta description so your target audience can easily tell that your webpage content is relevant to their query. Convince them to click through the link by making your meta descriptions enticing to the reader.

SEO Tips to Use Relevant Keywords for Your Website

SEO Tips to Use Relevant Keywords for Your Website

Webpage Headings and Content

Adding the relevant keywords in your headings and content makes it more likely for your website visitors to stay on your web page, as they see the terms which they had searched for on it. Make sure to use these keywords naturally, Google places value on the users, so write for the readers and provide relevant and valuable information for them.

Adding the right keywords in your web copy is also used by Google as a ranking factor, which helps improve your placement in search engine results. When adding keywords in several different locations throughout your website, one thing you need to avoid is stuffing keywords in title tags, headings, meta descriptions, page content, and URLs as this will make your website look spammy, aside from the fact that this is not approved by search engines. Keyword stuffing can make your website appear manipulative and may cause your website to be demoted in search results.

SEO Tips to Use Relevant Keywords for Your Website

SEO Tips to Use Relevant Keywords for Your Website

Image Titles and Alt Text

Another way you can add keywords naturally is in your image titles and alt text. While this may seem minor and might not affect your search rankings as much as the other locations we’ve mentioned, this is also used as a minor search ranking factor.

Including keywords in image titles and alt text helps Google find your website during image searches. This also improves accessibility for users who have poor vision using screen readers. Make sure you add accurate and descriptive keywords to these, so they match your images and do not mislead your target audience.

You can see our blogs image alt text it include our main keyword.



It is also recommended to include keywords in your URL. Make sure that these accurately describe the webpage contents. This is particularly significant for businesses that do a lot of blogging because each blog post lives on its own unique URL, so this is a great opportunity to optimize your URLs on every blog that you publish.

Remember keyword stuffing? This is a no-no for URLs as well. Search engines will penalize keyword stuffed exact match domains. A good format would be


Optimizing your website with the right amount of relevant keywords and phrases in all the right places will definitely improve your website SEO. By naturally adding them in these five places, you can now start looking forward to more site visitors, increased sales, and greater revenue.



here, in this blog we learn about the importance of keyword and in which parts we shoul add keywords which increase our visibility in search engine andwhich cause increase in traffic.

here we get five components for adding keywords are :-

  • Title Tag
  • URLs
  • Meta Discription
  • Webpage Headings and Content
  • Image Titles and Alt Text

here are some relevant topics :-

SEO tips for blog



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