Brand name for clothes

Top 50 Brand Name for Clothing in 2022

Brand name for clothing

Cloths are as important as your personality. Clothes makes first impression. A person who don’t know you judges/know you with your clothes. Clothes are very important factor because it’s also increase our confidence you can also feel it by trying “pagama and t-shirts” or fully dressed in suit with tie or bow, it feels you different. So, you get the point clothes are very important.

So, we need to dressed well with branded clothes because branded clothes provides the quality products which are more comfortable to us and feels better from others.

Your brand name defines your product

How to choose a good brand name: –

How to choose the best brand name
There are many brand name generator but they are not able to generate a name which defines your business. Firstly, we see some top cloth brand name : –
• Nike
• Adidas
• Zara
• Hermes
• Gucci
• H&M
• Levi’s
• Armani
• Fendi
• Burberry
• Prada
Here you can analyse these brand names in all of these there is a thing common which is they are short and easy to pronounce.
It may cause that we feel hard to get there name meaning because these brands are formed from different language.

Brand name for clothes

There are methods through which you can choose best name for your business : –

1. Simple : –

brand name should be simple and sweet. Try to choose the name with maximum 3 or 4 words.
It should be easy to pronounce and which permanently store in the memory.

If your name is going brief then you can short it by using its first letter like WHO (World health organisation).

It should be short and simple. for example : –

  • Zara
  • Gucci
  • Parada
  • Levi’s

2. Defines your Business : –

brand name should be define your business. You can see it on many youtube channnels like fact tech(means technological facts)
Through this, customers automatically know your business. For example : –

you can see our website name it tells about us .We provide all information about business tp all the businessmen.

3. Distinct :-

If you choose your store name pizza how many stores in the world which have name pizza there are thousands.
Your brand name should be unique and easy to remember. If your brand name is distinct people will easily defferentiate your product or store.

4. Founder’s Name: –

many billion dollars company are there which brand name is founder’s name or sir name like : – Tata company started by Jamsethsingh tata which is today a billion dollar company.

There are many examples like this you can search in “what are the billion dollars companies which brand name is on founder’s name”.

5. Meaningful : –

The brand name should be meaningful it should a meaning which tells story of your business, because brand name is a silent marketer who markets for you.

Note : – it is not neccesary follow all of above tips, there are many companies which brand name are meaning less and some of them are completly different from their business you can take a best example is “Apple” apple is a fruit and it is completly different from their business.

but, ‘”Apple” is the world’s largest company. so,don’t focus on the brand only focus on your product which really tells your business and a name will become a brand name when the in market is only and only have one company which have that quality produt.

Brand name for clothes

Here, we provides you some lists of brand name ideas of clothes : –

Brand name for clothing ideas

1. Ncloth
2. Clothcast
3. Silkhore
4. Garm
5. Clothtral
6. Twosilk
7. Clothics
8. Clothology
9. Upcloth
10. Clothsite
11. Wcloth
12. Masket
13. Metacloth
14. Labcloth
15. Cloth logic
16. Leathed
17. Fast cloth
18. Fabricest
19. Wover
20. Silkro
21. Brasure
22. Knition
23. Silkeler
24. Garmor
25. Cottonce


Brand name is a part of your business. Don’t take too much time on it select it and start your business as fast you can.
Brand is a short form which tells you the story of the business.
Through this article you may get your direction for brand name. In this article we learn four points about brand name are : –
 Simple
 Defines your business
 Distinct
 Founder’s name
If you have question or you think we should add something on it comment below.


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