Hilary Mantel's Greatest Quotes

"History is a set of skills rather than a narrative."

"It is the absence of facts that frightens people: the gap you open, into which they pour their fears, fantasies, desires."

"Feminism hasn't failed, it's just never been tried."

"If you have a good story idea, don't assume it must form a prose narrative. It may work better as a play, a screenplay or a poem. Be flexible."

"The things you think are the disasters in your life are not the disasters really. Almost anything can be turned around: out of every ditch, a path, if you can only see it."

"You're only young once, they say, but doesn't it go on for a long time? More years than you can bear."

"Some of these things are true and some of them lies. But they are all good stories."

"God takes out your heart of flesh, and gives you a heart of stone."

"Though I have never thought of myself as a book collector, there are shelves in our house browsed so often, on so many rainy winter nights, that the contents have seeped into me as if by osmosis."

Slow Down & Take A Deep Breath...

"At New Year's he had given Anne a present of silver forks with handles of rock crystal. He hopes she will use them to eat with, not to stick in people."

Even Celebs Don't Have This...