Top  10 Female Tik Tok Influencers in The World 2022

10. briandadeyanara

Brianda posts catchy dance challenges and light-hearted sketches. Her upbeat energy transcends through her videos, no matter what language is used.

9. lorengray

Loren is one of the OGs of TikTok, becoming an almost instant success after moving to the platform from back in 2015.

8. addisonrae

Addison Rae is an American dancer, actress, and singer. While being one of the most well-paid TikTok personalities, she is also launching a singing career.

7. montpantooja

If you are a music lover and especially enjoy Hispanic motives, Montpantoja is a must-follow.

6. avani

The latest trends dictate her edgy style. Watching her TikToks, you'll never miss out on what's in right now.

5. demibagby

Demi is a professional athlete who posts viral videos showing her workouts. She always pushes her physical abilities, keeping that perfect form.

4. bellapoarch

This Philipino-American influencer got to the hall of fame by lip-syncing to famous hits. Many people seemed to adore her distinctive style and how on-point her syncing was.

3. itsjojosiwa

Well, regardless of that, you might know who JoJo Siwa is. One of the most famous kid dancers from the show, she has grown into a beloved teenage icon.

2. rominagafur

You can find pretty much anything on Romina's profile. Makeup tips, household hacks, and even maths tricks. Romina also reviews other lifehack videos and tries them herself.

Slow Down & Take a Deep Breath...

1. charlidamelio

Starting off strong with the one and only Charli D'amelio. She has been the most followed creator for quite some time now.

Even Top Influencers Don't Have This...