Top 10 Viral Beauty Brands on Tik Tok 2022

10. Glow Receipe

Glow Recipe is a K-beauty-inspired skin-care brand founded by Korean Americans Christine Chang and Sarah Lee.

9. Saie

Saie Beauty founder and CEO Laney Crowell spent years in the beauty industry, and even ran her own clean-beauty blog, before launching Saie in 2019. Today the brand has a devoted TikTok following.

8. The Ordinary

This innovative brand is known for its wide array of wallet-friendly high-quality skin-care staples—most of which are well under $15—which makes building your skin-care routine easy, fun, and most importantly, affordable.

7. Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury had a successful career as a celebrity makeup artist to clients like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Penelope Cruz prior to launching her namesake beauty brand in 2016.

6. Merit Beauty

Merit Beauty prides itself on its minimalist approach to beauty. With this in mind, you can expect a curated lineup of multipurpose products ideal for daily use.

5. Jones Road Beauty

The Jones Road Beauty team wasted no time in promoting the products on TikTok via helpful tutorials and expert tips and tricks featuring the makeup artist herself.

4. InnBeauty Project

Project has recently made waves on TikTok for its beloved Glaze Lip Oil and Extra Glaze Lip Oil, which took the beauty community by storm with its juicy yet nonsticky formulas.

3. Makeup By Mario

After years of success as a celebrity makeup artist, Dedivanovic debuted his highly anticipated namesake makeup line in October 2020.

2. Youthforia

Chan is the face of the brand’s marketing and TikTok videos, where she discusses the science behind the products’ formulas, her inspiration for starting the brand, and helpful tutorials.

Slow Down & Take a Deep Breath...

Slow Down & Take a Deep Breath...

1. Rare Beauty

Needs no introduction.

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